About Nilanjana

Nilanjana Banerjee is an international dance performer who has won critical acclaim and captured the hearts of her audience. She specializes in the classical dance tradition of Odissi. She has performed extensively for the Indian diaspora in the US. Nilanjana has the distinction of featuring as a solo artist for the opening acts of major Indian Conventions featuring top name performers.

She has beguiled her audience by the breath taking temple sculpture inspired postures, intricate footworks and above all devotion. Mere technical perfection and faultless execution of steps were never enough for her. Nilanjana’s ability to connect with her audience and emote joy and passion for her dance makes her performances an unique experience. Her graceful movements, her emotional rendering of Sringar and other rasas transports her audiences to a higher spiritual realm. This is the heart of her unique spiritual journey from India to California.

Nilanjana is blessed with patience and peace in her soul. Within a short spell her young disciples will imbibe a spirit of learning and devotion. She will be able to guide them in the true Guru Shishya tradition so that each student can develop a deep rooted love for this ancient art and reach their full potential.

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Nilanjana is an international performer who has immersed herself in this classical temple dance tradition. Book her for Performances, Master Workshops, Lecture Demonstrations.

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Learn from the comfort of your home. One on one Skype sessions available to those who have attended the Beginner Classes, Master Workshops & Immersion Courses.

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Purchase Nilanjana’s Odissi basics DVD to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of this dance style. This DVD has shipped worldwide since its launch in 2010.