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Nilanjana established RDM Studio in October 2015. The studio showcased their dancers for the first time at the prestigious Ahaana Festival at Mingei Museum, Balboa Park in September 2016. At RDM Studio you need discipline, dedication and talent to dance. Age is no barrier to learning. Individualized attention to all students makes dance a personal, self-fulfilling experience. Each student undertakes this journey at their own pace. Year round performances give great stage exposure to all dancers.


Rhythms of
Dance and Music

Rhythms of Dance and Music is a premium dance institute within the United States adhering to the Gharanna of Guru Muralidhar Majhi. It was established in 1986 by Guru Mitra Purkayastha.

With rigorous training and personalized attention, every student blossoms into a mature dancer. Spirit of bonding and teamwork is the essence of the studio. A bond and tradition Nilanjana personally maintains with members of the greater RDM family.


RDM Studio offers a full range of programs, including online lessons, designed specifically to each individual student’s level of experience. Regardless of age, if you have been seeking serious dance training or are just looking for a creative outlet, RDM Studio is the place for you.

The voice of the dancer is heard through the eye and seen through the heart.

– Anonymous


Beginner and Intermediate Programs include:
Odissi stances, steps and exercises, dance terminology and techniques including torso movements, spins, foot positions and still poses, single and double hand gestures, and working on repertoire pieces. All students are strongly encouraged to complete the basic Odissi dance repertoire for their Manchapravesh or debut dance performance.



Kids 7-13 years of age, starting to learn and work through the basics before moving onto more demanding performance and dance routines.


Adults learning dance as a creative outlet to align their mind, body and soul. This class focuses on body conditioning, flexibility, balance and stamina.


Stage performance teams geared to dance in festivals, temples, charity events and museums. Adults and Teens 14 plus with enough maturity and fitness can qualify to join.

Online Lessons

We also have Skype sessions available!

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RDM Studio offers programs for individuals in addition to our small and large group lessons. We have both private and rehearsal studios available. For additional information or pricing, drop us a line using the form at the bottom of this page.