Explore NATYA YOGA as used in the 2000 year old Indian classical Odissi dance.
Work on mind body integration and spiritual alignment as you re-energize in this unique workshop with lifelong Odissi devotee, Nilanjana Banerjee. Odissi focuses on connecting physical energy with spiritual energy. The graceful & fluid movements of this dance is punctuated by moments of stillness when the dancer poses as if transformed into a temple sculpture. When mastered this dance is the epitome of fluid grace and brings a sense of inner peace and tranquility to the dancer.

Beginner Level Workshops focuses on:
  • Dance Techniques
  • Dance Vocabulary
  • Dance Exercises
  • Footworks
  • Spins
  • Hand Gestures
  • Body Movements
  • Still Dance Poses
  • Ritual of Bhumi Pranam – a spiritual offering to Mother Earth
  • Learn the basic art of story telling in Choreographies to Sanskrit slokas using hand gestures, expressions and poses.
  • Choreographies to music using Odissi techniques learnt.
Immersion Workshops culminate in a choreographed performance by participants.

Master Workshops are one hour long highly interactive introductory session with dance demonstration, brief history of Odissi, learning some elementary dance techniques as well as the ritual of Bhumi Pranam.

Immersion Workshops

Beginner Level 1:

  • Option 1 : 2 hours session
  • Option 2 : 3 hours session
Beginner Level 2:
  • Option 1 : 4 hours session
  • Option 2 : 6 hours session
  • No previous experience needed.
  • Attire : Leggings or yoga pants with loose top or Indian Kurti.
  • Please contact Nilanjana for workshop pricing.
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