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rdm tours

RDM Tours

  • Participated in Marathi Vishwa’s Zalak from 2007-2013.
  • Banga Mela, 2012, DC.
  • CAB, 2011, 150 years of Tagore at RutgersUniversity, NJ.
  • Raag Rang concert series, 2011, Princeton.
  • NABC 2011, Baltimore, MD.
  • NABC 2010, Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Winner of First prize in 2009 Zalak competition.
  • NABC 2005, Madison Square Garden, NYC.
  • Diwali & Dusherra Festival at Edison, NJ and Indian Student Associations at PA.
US TOUR , 2012 : Nashville, Chicago, Boston, Delaware, Connecticut.

“You Have To Dance To Stick To It.
It Gives Nothing Back,
No Manuscripts, No Paintings, No Poems, Nothing
But That Single Fleeting Moment When You Feel Alive.”

Merce Cunningham

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