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Nilanjana established RDM Studio San Diego in October 2015.
This studio is a branch of the main RDM School in New Jersey. For the first few months a series of workshops were held in various locations amongst a diverse group of people. RDM Studio became fully functional from March 2016.
RDM Studio showcased their dancers for the first time at the prestigious Mingei Museum, Balboa park on Sept 24th, 2016. This was followed by the Annual Studio Anniversary Celebration with the team.
This spirit of bonding & teamwork is the essence of the studio. A bond & tradition Nilanjana personally maintains with members of the greater RDM family in New Jersey.

RDM Sapphires ; The Face of RDM Studio

Stage performance team geared to dance in festivals, temples, charity events & museums showcasing the inherent beauty & grace of Odissi. Adults & Teens 14 plus with enough maturity & fitness can qualify to join this team. Regular show rehearsals mandatory.

RDM Emeralds: The backbone of RDM Studio

Adults learning dance as a creative outlet to align their mind, body & soul. This class focuses on body conditioning, flexibility, balance & stamina. All the dance basics are still taught with detailed muscle cues & technical breakdown of each movement. This is a positive energy rejuvenating group.
All Emeralds provide back stage, technical & logistic assistance to the RDM Sapphires.

RDM Rubies: The learning ground of RDM Studio

Kids 8-13 years starting to learn & work on their basics before moving onto a more demanding performance team. Focus will be on discipline & rigorous training so that they can make a smooth transition to the RDM Sapphires.
Every dancer of RDM Sapphires is encouraged to do their solo stage debut or Manchapravesh.

“To light the passion of dance in all
RDM Studio Motto”


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