Nritya Taranga
nritya taranga

Nritya Taranga

  • RDM Production Prakoti Anando 2016 NABC, Madison Square Garden featuring the award winning trio Indrani Halder, Sukalyann Bhattacharya & Mitra Purkayastha supported by RDM Team.
  • Nritya Taranga 2012 was a super successful production featuring Sukalyann and Entourage.
  • Nritya Taranga 2010 was a landmark event featuring Indian National Award winning actor, Indrani Halder.
  • Nritya Taranga 2007 was a fundraising event for Ananda Mandir, RDM school base.
  • The Nritya Taranga productions feature the entire RDM team who perform at the prestigious George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ.

Sukalyann Bhattacharya : World renonwed dancer and Indian movie choreographer Mr. Sukalyann Bhattacharya has been associated with RDM since 2007. He has directed all the Nritya Taranga productions. RDM students have undergone intense training sessions under his mentorship and guidance.

“Dance, When You’re Broken Open.
Dance, If You’ve Torn The Bandage Off.
Dance In The Middle Of The Fighting.
Dance In Your Blood.
Dance When You’re Perfectly Free.”