Lalita Labanga Lata

This dance is based on Poet Jayadev’s collection of Ashtapadis from the Sanskrit text of Gita Govinda. This volume of poems is an integral part of the Odissi Abhinaya repertoire. Nilanjana is performing at Nritya Taranga, 2010 in George Street Playhouse, NJ.

ODISSI Dance Basics DVD

Nilanjana guides viewers through the fundamentals of this dance style. This is a best-selling introductory video launched in 2010 to familiarize viewers to this ancient dance tradition.


Choreographed & interpreted using the language of Odissi. This ever popular dance is performed at Diwali Festival, 2010, East Stroudsburgh University, PA.

Banga Mela, 2013 Cincinnati

Nilanjana performs to a medley of Bengali songs as an opening act prior to acclaimed movie director-singer, Anjan Dutta. This unique dance collection is choreographed using Odissi dance techniques.

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