Beginner Classes

  • Basic Odissi exercises
  • Ritual of Bhumi pranam
  • Dance Terminology & techniques including torso movements, spins, foot positions, still poses
  • Single handed gestures
  • The history of Odissi
  • Brief intro to other classical dance styles of India
  • Stances & steps in the basic stances
  • Choreography to Sanskrit Slokas
  • Choreography to a pallavi incorporating the steps.
  • Learning the Manglacharan

Intermediate Classes

  • Advanced Khandis
  • Dance Terminology & advanced techniques
  • Double handed gestures
  • Learning the Battu
  • Learning second Manglacharan
  • Learning Pallavis

Odissi Intensive

  • 5 session Fast track program to learn new choreographies & perfect dance techniques. Available also during school vacations.
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